Phishing, spoofing, and other kinds of domain attacks are continually increasing around the world, leaving organizations scrambling to react to these attacks while they are happening. SPS offers DMARC (Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) services that empower you and your organization to have complete control, security, and reporting of your company’s email domain(s), preventing these kinds of attacks in the future.

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According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2022, phishing and pretexting account for 93% of data breaches. DBIR credentials are used in 80% of all breaches. Unfortunately, a large majority of organizations see these numbers and still opt for individuals to manage their own accounts, feeling security training or less, is sufficient enough.

Since that report, Google has announced stricter anti-spam rules for bulk senders, which translates to a lot more email getting blocked.  This means authentication for domains is crucial – especially to your marketing departments who use “bulk send” for prospects, customers, and the general public alike.

SPS believes DMARC is one of the best methods to ensure complete control and security over your email domain.  See below for its benefits and how we can support you in these efforts.


Drastically reduce the number of phishing attacks
Empower email recipients to reject messages from unauthorized senders or domains with fraudulent information
Reduce the number of spam messages that are delivered to your companies' inboxes, saving time and resources each day
Receive reports on any potential email spoofing that allows you and your team to act immediately


We configure your domain name(s) to protect from phishing, spoofing and more
We monitor your domain and email, which is processed daily
We provide weekly reporting
We work with you to make sure any application sending email on your behalf is authenticated and approved to do so
We help you to expand your brand recognition by configuring your logo to appear in the inbox next to your bulk email messages

Client Stories

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DMARC Policy Implementation

A large US Steel Manufacturer needed to implement DMARC policies for better email control.

Copyright by SPS. All rights reserved.

Copyright by SPS. All rights reserved.