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Finding a flexible IT partner that can provide optimal services at a competitive price is tough. Let SPS show you the benefits.

Managed Support Services

SPS can help keep your team focused on strategic tasks by providing flexible, managed support services in nearly every area of IT.


Project Services

SPS provides the additional support your team needs to complete standard-to-complex infrastructure and application projects.


Consulting Services

SPS takes a comprehensive approach to consulting, focusing on assessment, remediation, transformation & sustainment.

Featured Stories

With the IT landscape shifting rapidly, clients need to be able to adapt and evolve their environments faster than ever. With SPS maintaining an agile posture, we can stay on the forefront of these shifts by providing our clients with marketplace or customized services and solutions. See a few examples of how we’ve done it, below:
SPS Transformation: IT Support Model

SPS Transformation: IT Support Model

A leading logistics technology company demanded a “follow the sun” support model and SPS made the transformation happen.

Data protection Cyber Security Privacy Business Internet Technology Concept

Increased Security & Cost Savings

A large U.S. healthcare provider needed to improve its multi-factor authentication capabilities in parallel with its application migration to the Azure cloud.

Endpoint Security - Endpoint Protection Concept - Multiple Devices Secured Within a Network (Security Cloud) - Cloud-based Cybersecurity Software Solutions - 3D Illustration

Endpoint Management Transformation

A large U.S.-based automotive retailer required an all-purpose platform to provide remote support to over 1,200 locations. 

Businessman hand using laptop computer with data host server storage icon for information exchange and transfer concept.

Enterprise Network Migration

A large US-based healthcare provider needed to integrate a multi-site hospital system into its primary enterprise network.

Email protection. Email security. Cyber security data

DMARC Policy Implementation

A large US Steel Manufacturer needed to implement DMARC policies for better email control.

Copyright by SPS. All rights reserved.

Copyright by SPS. All rights reserved.