Outsourced & Integrated Managed Services

Whether you want to outsource an IT function to a trusted service provider or only the parts that aren’t core to your organization, we can design a service that meets your unique needs. Standard tier-one support up to senior level consultants, stand alone or integrated with your team, on-premise or remote, we can deliver it your way.

Cloud & Hybrid Computing

Managed hosting support services for general computing and proprietary platforms

Office 365, Azure, Hyper-V, Google, AWS, VMware, EMC, NetApps

24x7 remote, onshore, and offshore capabilities

Proactive governance and optimization services to keep hosting costs from exceeding your budget plan

Platform transformation and application rationalization continuous improvement support

End User Support

Managed service support for end user computing devices and applications

Desktops, Laptops, Touchpads, Mobile and Desk Phones, Printers

On-premise hands-on, remote, onshore and offshore capabilities

Proactive governance and endpoint event management

Persona based services with Premium to Standard support tiers

Enterprise Networking

Managed enterprise network services from carrier circuits to WLAN

Firewall, Router, Data Center Core, Switching, WLAN, VOIP

24x7 remote, onshore, and offshore capabilities

Proactive event management with network and security monitoring

Premium to standard support tiers

Remote Operations

Remote Network and Security services, with hybrid service desk capabilities

Enterprise network and compute, end user devices and applications

24x7 remote, onshore, and offshore capabilities

Proactive event management for network, compute, application and security monitoring

Integrated service desk capabilities for small to mid-size companies

Service Desk

Tier 1 thru 3 service desk, integrated infrastructure and application service capabilities

Request, Incident, Problem and Knowledge Management

On-Premise or Remote with Onshore and Offshore support capabilities

Change, Event, Asset and Configuration Management

Proactive with premium SLA’s and persona support tiers

ITIL based framework with Lean CSI fundamentals

Site Support

Managed all-purposes support for client sites focusing on end user devices, network and enterprise computing, local applications and business essential infrastructure

Office, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Quality and Shipping technologies

On-Premise with Remote capabilities for smaller sites

Life Cycle services for PC’s and other site based critical infrastructure

Premium to Standard support tiers for business and site personas